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Bali Children Learning Foundation| Bali Waenis

The Children of Bali Learning Foundation
“Learn together to make a better future”

How did it Begin?
The Children of Bali Learning Foundation (“CBLF”) was started in November 2009 by two local Balinese women named Made Sani and Ibu Endang (see picture X). Made Sani and Ibu Endang shared a vision of a better future for the Bali children of today. Having lived in Bali all of their lives, they are only too familiar with the lack of educational opportunities for young children as many Balinese families are unable to offer their children an education as school fees are too high. This leaves the children uneducated, with little hope for their future and minimal job prospects.

Made Sani was born in a village in the region of Amed, whilst Ibu Endang was born in Java but now lives in Amed also. Amed (north east of Bali) is consequently home and heart of this Foundation.
In addition to their day to day jobs, Made Sani and Ibu Endang dedicate both time and money to this development, with a genuine and heartfelt compassion for its purpose. Their aim is to increase awareness as to the importance of education in Bali whilst offering the next generation a brighter future.

Made Sani and Ibu Endang have been working with the children of Amed independently for approximately 8 months and currently work with up to 100 children twice a week.With very little funds and a shortage of space, this project began in a single room inhabited by Made Sani’s family, where children were not only offered an education but also a place to go with the prospect of making friends whilst presenting them with hope for their future.

What does this Learning Foundation offer now?
This Foundation has grown exceptionally fast and with the offer for free educational possibilities, new children are being accepted into the foundation every week. Consequently the classes consisting of approximately 100 children are now held in the Amed village community centre twice weekly.

The children are currently taught by local and foreign hard working volunteers who through generosity and sheer determination are changing these children lives for the better. Whilst the school is predominately focused on teaching its students how to read and write in English, experience has also proven that general environmental issues should be touched upon, together with skills such as the traditional Balinese dancing, which would otherwise not be available.

How can you help?
As this Foundation grows, so does the requirement for general teaching equipment such as pens, paper, books and everyday study material. By donating to this worthwhile Foundation, your money can help us to help them. If you are unable to offer money but could offer your time, and are visiting Bali, all teaching volunteers are greatly appreciated and should email us at for further information. In addition, if you wish to donate any teaching equipment for the children (books, pencils, writing paper or even clothing that you no longer need) please send to the below postal address:
[Insert postal address for material donations]

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